Creates Wildlife Gardens you can live in...

“You know a garden has truly become a habitat when you can hear the wildlife all around you. If you sit in your garden and you don’t hear birds and bees, and see butterflies, there is still work to be done.” Mimi Elmore

The Most Sustainable Landscapes Boulder Offers

Wild by Design is one of the forerunners and the premeire wildlife habitat landscape designer in Boulder, Colorado. Building enjoyable outdoor living environments and sustainable wildlife habitat is not difficult, but it does take a plan and the skills to build for our climate and native wildlife.

Best Company for Yard Design in all of Boulder

If you are looking for superb hardscape design and construction in or near Boulder, Colorado then look no further than Wild by Design.  And, if your desire is create native habitat for birds, bees and butterflies in your yard, then Wild by Design can bring nature home.

It’s all about landscape design...

• Assessment, Design & Project Management

• Outdoor Living Environments

• Stone & Hardscape

• Water Features

• Kitchens & Fireplaces

• Irrigation Design, Installation & Maintenance

• Planting & Maintenance

• Weed Removal

• Meadow Restoration

• Winter Prep

For a more complete description of all of our Wild by Design Services along with Rates and much, much more, please visit our full size website on your laptop or desktop computer at WildbyDesignHabitats.com.


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