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It’s your Wildlife Garden Habitat. And, it’s all about design...

Assessment, Design & Project Management

Every successful wildlife garden habitat begins with an assessment of your existing garden and yard.  Once we know what’s there, we can advise you on what you need and design a plan to create a successful sustainable landscape design and wildlife garden habitat that will be worthy of NWF certification and fit your budget.  Then, we’ll manage the construction of your landscaping to assure that every detail of the design is finished to specification.  Design costs are billed at $50.00/hr.  If you choose to have our team build your landscaping, then the design costs are rebated to you and credited against the overall projects costs.

Rates & Prices

WbD labor rates vary depending upon the task and equipment required to accomplish the task.  Our general landscape labor rate is $60.00/hr for a laborer, tech, mason or foreman.  $75.00/hr for machinery like a skid and $90 for an excavator.  $30.00/hr for small equipment like a chain saw or plate tamper.  And, $90.00/hr for our truck and trailer rig for hauling, deliveries, and mobilization of equipment.  We provide "not to exceed" budget estimates.  Actual costs may vary depending upon client modifications to complete the project.  Retail plants, shrubs, trees, soil, soil amendments, mulch, pots, fountains, and other garden purchases are billed at cost plus 20%.  All subcontractor expenses are billed at cost plus 20%.  We require a 50% deposit to place your job on our schedule.  The balance is due upon completion of the project to the Customer’s and Our Satisfaction.

Winter Prep

Preparation for winter is important to assure that your plants will over-winter in healthy condition and be ready to sprout next spring.  Some plants require extra mulching.  Trees may need wilt or sun scald proofing.  All irrigation must be drained and/or blown out to insure against freezing damage.

Meadow Restoration

Many of us live next to open space and have chosen to let portions of our yards blend with the natural environment.  The challenge is to restrict the spreading of noxious weeds and encourage native grasses and wildflowers.  The WbD team has been very successful restoring meadows to their natural splendor.

Weed Attack

Sometimes, a garden just needs to be weeded to look great again.  Other times, troublesome weeds can be the result of improper preparation of weed screening materials or simply no screening material at all.  Whether it’s simply weeding an existing garden or rebuilding a poor garden, the WbD team can get the weed out.

Planting & Maintenance

Every wildlife garden habitat needs plants and sometimes lots of them.  The WbD team works with nurseries along the front range and across the country to source the perfect native plants for your garden.  We guarantee our plants for the industry standard 30 days.  If it dies within that time frame, we will replace it for free.  Once the garden is complete, we’re available to maintain it throughout the year.  

Irrigation Design, Installation & Maintenance

Gardens need water.   When temps rise above 90 degrees and the wind is blowing at 30 mph out of the southwest, even native gardens need water.  We’ve found that a combination of drip and pop-up sprinkler heads provide the best combination for watering our gardens here in Colorado.  This combination provides for both deep watering and foliar feeding that mimics natural rain.  The WbD team and Aspen Moon can design and install the perfect system for your habitat garden.  We can get your irrigation system up each spring and put it to bed every fall.

Water Features

Wildlife needs water.  Whether it’s a bird bath, fountain, small pond, or a large waterfall pond, the WbD team and Aspen Moon can design and construct the perfect water features for your habitat.

Stone & Hardscape  Check out these wall stone and paver samples.

Paths, walls, and patios made out of native stone create the bones of the garden and living spaces.  Fireplaces and kitchens add to your outdoor living enjoyment and contribute to the overall design of a successful wildlife garden habitat.  Whether it’s textured concrete, native flagstone, Italian pavers, boulders, or crusher fines, the WbD team and our partnership with the professional stone masons at Aspen Moon get the job done.