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Spring 2014 - Boulder Home & Garden Magazine

Down the Drain - How to keep flood water and heavy rain at bay.

Boulder —  Many people “think from the top up” when they landscape, says Larry Elmore, business manager at Wild by Design landscapers in Lyons.  You should really work from the bottom up, he says.  “You should consider what’s under everything, from soil to drainage, and then start thinking about where plants should go.”  Read more...

September/October 2013 - All Animals Magazine - The Humane Society of the U. S.

Home on the Range - Amid barren lawns in the foothills of the Rockies, a Colorado couple cultivates an oasis.

Washington, D.C. — The mid-June temperatures along Colorado’s Front Range are pushing into the 90s. Cloudless skies on afternoons like this are merciless, with an eerie quiet punctuated only by the distant drone of mowers and sprinklers repeating an endless cycle: crew-cutting expansive, barren lawns, only to water them all over again: “Tic-tic-tic, tschhh … tic-tic-tic, tschhh …” Read more...

Fall 2010 - Boulder Home & Garden Magazine

Who to Know: Wild Thing

Boulder — Mimi Elmore is getting a little wild and wants you to join her by transforming your yard into a National Wildlife Federation-certified habitat. Certification requires creating a sustainable garden that provides wildlife with food, water, shelter and places to raise young.  File Deleted

August 30, 2010 - Longmont Times Call

Wild about the Wild

Lyons — Butterflies, birds and bugs. And lots of them. Mimi and Larry Elmore’s front yard — it’s actually a garden — is no place for someone who suffers from entomophobia: fear of insects.  The garden is alive with soldier beetles, bumblebees miner bees, and a variety of colorful butterflies.  File Deleted

Summer 2014 - Boulder Home & Garden Magazine

Plants to Pass Up

Boulder —  Mimi Elmore is the first to admit how easy it is to fall in love with pretty blossoms at garden centers.  After tending a water-guzzling garden at her previous home, she committed to xeriscaping her Lyons landscape with only droughtolerant plants that also benefited wildlife.  Over time she has honed in on native plants because they fulfill both her requirements.    Read more...

Spring 2017 - Boulder Home & Garden Magazine

Making Lyons Lovely - New Wildlife Garden Risesfrom 2013 Flood

Boulder — When the 2013 flood washed away Lyons, the Town Hall Plaza wasn’t spared. But a new wildlife garden habitat has risen from the mud to inspire residents and visitors alike. Volunteers and businesses built the garden with funding from Honeywell, Rotary International, and the Lyons Community Foundation (LCF). Designed by CU students in the Environmental Design program, the garden celebrates the native plants, birds and pollinators that make Lyons their home.    Read more...